7 thoughts on “The Composition of ETS: Offered Without Comment

  1. Among other demographic biases, I wonder if the ratio of women:men presenters is up this year from 2011’s 1:99?

    Very interesting is the release of Matthew Guest, Sonya Sharma, and Robert Song’s “Gender and Career Progression in Theology and Religious Studies” (Durham University, 2013). Among their findings, they find preliminary evidence that links low female participation to strong evangelical presence. “The very churches willing to fund PhD study are, for the most part, those churches that privilege the authority and status of men. In other words, if a TRS department has as a major source of postgraduate recruitment US and South Korean evangelicals supported by their churches, we would expect this to skew the postgraduate population in favour of male students.” This tallies with the percentages of female presenters in 2011: 1% in ETS, 29% in SBL, 41% in AAR.


  2. I do see one women (who looks lost) and a guy who might not quite be white …


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