Emile Puech: On the So Called Fish (Talpiot) Ossuary

Two emails which have fallen down from heaven will be of interest to those following the odd tale of the Fish Ossuary (also known as the Talpiot Ossuary).

The first from Emile Puech, who writes (unedited in any respect) to Avrauham Segol-

puechThanks for your note.

I agree totally that the so-called cross is not a cross per se but part in a frame. I said that the drawing seems to me to be a door or window with a cross structure inside to support panels, like wood or glasses but in that time there was no glasses for windows. And in the movie the cross is isolated from the whole structure in order to prove their christian interpretation, this is unacceptable. They want to find what is not graved.

Now on the fish or amphora : It seems to me if the replica is correct, that the amphora is very crude : handles not correct, foot also, but ? For a fish : I never saw a fish like that also. But is it impossible ?

What surprised me is the bottom triangle, like a closed mouth of a fish, and at first the inscription on this part: he is the clearest letter, nun quite good and yod-waw quite acceptable. Thus y-w-n-h is the name Yonah. But there is no figuration of a man going out of the mouth, that is clear. It seems to me that the bulb is a kind of figuration of water with waves going out of the mouth. That’s all.

What to do with that ? Nothing more. I did not say that this is a figuration of resurrection, or else. This is the interpretation of Simcha, not mine. I am ashame to have been abused. For the other inscriptions there are so many misreadings, and wrong interpretations that they prove nothing in their direction.

Best wishes,
E. Puech

Segol writes in response

Dear Professor Puech:

Thank you very much for your reply memo, and for accepting my telephone call. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

With one exception, I will reserve further comment at this time regarding your words, in deference to The Times Of Israel editorial staff, and Simcha himself, who stand collectively responsible for issuing immediately a corrected record of Simcha’s September 11th report with a full PUBLIC disclosure of all concealed & suppressed photographs I presented to you — as well as an introduction of the era specific AMPHORA I presented which so closely resembles the carving seen of the subject ossuary.

The one comment I wish make at this time refers to your self-pronounced “shame” for your having been “abused” by Simcha. You should never be ashamed for being honest.

You were hustled & blindsided by Simcha. Simcha shamed himself by not disclosing the full facts had in hand to you during the interview. I can only wonder as to why he acted so rather than simply disclose the full truth of physical facts to you. It is my prayer that you will be the last victim of such unethical conduct.

Should The Times Of Israel & Simcha not make immediate correction and disclosures I will call upon all others in the profession — herein courtesy copied — to publicly demand disclosures and corrections be made.

My very best of regards and many appreciations.

Most sincerely,

Avrahaum Segol

Make of all this what you wish.  I pass it along as an item of interest.