A Follow-Up By Dr. Nicolae Roddy Regarding Simcha’s ‘Co-Directorship’ at Bethsaida

30 Aug

Nicolae writes

As a follow-up to this blog entry and subsequent discussion, I wish to clarify and reaffirm that Mr. Jacobovici is not co-director of the Bethsaida excavations as the piece indicates, a distinction affirmed by Nicole’s comments and Jim’s astute assessment of them.

For the record, I recently learned that Huntington University in Ontario, the institution with which Mr. Jacobovic is associated as an adjunct, has indeed joined the Consortium and that Mr. Jacobovici is its representative on the board of the Consortium. (Why none of the other co-directors seem to have been informed of this significant move is interesting and perhaps telling). So in that sense (or so I have been told), Mr. Jacobovici may be called a Consortium “co-director,” but this is hardly the same thing as being co-director of the dig–something that would obviously require years of advanced education, as well as proven and practiced training in the field. This distinction seems to me to be a crucial for maintaining the academic credibility of any serious archaeological enterprise.

It is in fact terribly important that terminology be used appropriately.  No one who contributes money to an archaeological dig is a ‘co-director’ in the same sense that a dirt encrusted square supervisor is.  Resume padding is not the same as actual work experience.  Academics especially ought to be trusted to understand such distinctions; and adhere to them.  Fastidiously.

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