Since It Has Been A While…

alexaHere are the Alexa rankings of the blogs on my blogroll:

Antonio Lombatti – 6,637,336
ASOR Blog – 1,209,729
Bart Ehrman – 1,841,945
Bryan Bibb – 4,054,147
Chad Chambers – 2,588,457
Chris Tilling – 3,063.059
Christian Brady – 2,158,664
George Athas – 3,839,535
James Crossley – 12,572,873
Joel Watts – 496,161
Lawrence Schiffman – 3,455,153
Mark Goodacre – 1,910,521
NT Wrong – 814,300
Richard Bartholemew – 2,123,301
Ron Kubsch – 837,809
Torsten Jantsch – 15,038,638

Pretty cool one and all! Especially considering the fact that there are hundreds of millions of websites. Oh right, my Alexa ranking at present- 121,711.

8 thoughts on “Since It Has Been A While…

  1. No one (except you) mentioned slumming and noting a lack of correlation does not necessarily imply that I value your blog low in quality, just that the relationship of score to quality among the blogs you listed seems tenuous. Indeed if either my blog or my podcasts were on your list they would have scored highly (though not nearly as high as yours) but there are some fine blogs on your list that do not score high. Surely you don’t think they are the poorer for that? I value my own judgment over that of the googlized herd!


    • I’m simply suggesting that if you find nothing of merit here ( as implied by your comment) then I don’t fault you if you wish not to visit.

      As to correlations- I leave math to the mathematicians. I just present the facts.


      • Oh, come come, “the facts” there is no such thing as a presentation of the facts that is not interested (in real life in a fallen world). And I say again, that I did not say I found your blog lacking interest or quality. Though now, methinks (tutored by Freud as well as the bard) the gentleman might protest too much 😉


  2. Under the risk of sounding as a sycophant, I have to admit that, although unintentionally, just by sharing your posts often on F.B. and commenting here I have drawn as many people to me as I did to your blog, which is obviously a greater benefit to me than it is to you. God names my agents! Thank you! (:


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