Fun Facts From Church History: The Papist Plot to Poison the Genevan Reformers

Calvin in one of his many "I told you so!" moments

Calvin in one of his many “I told you so!” moments

[In August of 1535] …  plot was invented [by the papists] to poison the preachers [i.e., the Reformers in Geneva]. It happened however on the appointed day, that Farel ate nothing, and that Froment dined out. The only one who partook of the poisoned soup was Viret, and he suffered from the effects through the whole of his following life.

These proceedings, and the discovery of a plan to poison the bread and wine in the sacrament, excited the indignation of the people. Another public conference was attended by a great increase in the number of the reformed. Farel was now permitted to preach in the church of St. Germain and in the Magdalene, from which, at his entrance, the mass-reading priests hastily fled. This was the case even in the church of St. Peter. Farel opposed the council, which would not allow him to preach in all the churches of the city.

At length (August 10), he addressed the council of two hundred with such force and inspiration on the great principles of the evangelical faith, and concluded his discourse with so impressive a prayer, that objections and difficulties vanished, for God had heard his supplication. The greater part of the citizens joined the reformers, and the opposition of the canons was no longer of any avail.

Two days after the above occurrence (August 12), the people were freed from their bonds, and the performance of mass was prohibited by law. The reformation edict of the 27th of the same month set aside the authority of the papacy; the bishop removed to Gex, and his see was declared vacant by a decree of the senate: at the same time the monasteries were put down.*

The papists would do anything, kill anyone, to retain power. But their plans failed and their plots came to nothing.
H. Stebbing, H., The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer Volume 1 (pp. 96–97). New York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

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    Wow! …And my fellow Brazilians complain that the town’s vicar (RCC obviously) sends their terribly noisy and devoid of musical talent marching band to disrupt and perturb our services just by playing in front of our churches during the entirety of the main worship service… in addition, certainly, to spreading the lie that “crentes” (believers) have goat’s feet, and that we are split footed. Perhaps we can call ourselves “lucky” that no one was poisoned yet!


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