4 comments on “Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths?

  1. No Jim, it will not be the mythicists’ dirge. The internet has allowed the return of much quack history and the universities have, over the past fifteen years, done nothing to prevent it. Instead, the have enforced the mechanisms with which “bad information drives out good”.

    This book is nice, because it shows that at least someone cares, but as long as the universities fail to develop prudent media strategies, this book will be futile.

    If we could invent science and scholarship today, we would not invent the universities again. Two centuries after Von Humboldt, it’s a cul de sac.

  2. Amy-Jill Levine states that “no single picture of Jesus has convinced all, or even most scholars”

    I know what a myth is. Don’t you think that you should get your act together and decide what a “historical Jesus” is before insisting it is real?

    • so you’ve read the book too! fantastic.

      [nb- i seriously doubt that bob has read the book or even seen small portions of it since only a handful of people have. instead, like so many mythicists, he’s simply offering an opinion on something he has never examined].

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