The June Biblical Studies Carnival: The All Women-Folk Edition!

wom1Unlike other months this month there’s a catch for the Carnival: all postings are by women. Yes friends, it’s the all women-folk edition!

Ever since the beginning of blogging various people have lamented the absence of the fairer sex so we’re going to remedy that and highlight posts ONLY by the ladies. Here goes!

Old Testament

A conference on the language of the LXX was pointed out by Ekaterini.  It looks authentically amazing.  Chalk it up to yet another event I’d love to attend. Another Conference was announced as well- this one on the Psalms of Solomon.   Rachel Berenblat had a right nice post on Heschel’s reading of Torah.  Kim posted a very engaging and really interesting piece on Deborah which I heartily and joyfully commend.  Claudia discussed the dicey issue of Leviticus and homosexuality in a post titled A Bíblia hebraica não é homofóbica. Artigo de Pierre-Israël Trigano.

New Testament

Ekaterini informed readers of the appearance of a FS for Martinus C. de Boer titled ‘Paul, John and Apocalyptic Eschatology’.  It looks like a good one.  Ruth Martin examined the word ‘myth’ in the New Testament as well as the words ‘bought and sold‘ and ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’ along with ‘pure, purity, purify‘, and of course ‘heal’ and ‘healing’.  Ruth’s blog is truly one to keep up with.  So is Kimberly’s.  Her discussion of divorce in the Church is very much worth a look.


wom3Though not specifically related to the archaeology of the eastern Levant alone – here’s a blog that has, from time to time, useful things.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Vacat  (apparently there are no women who blog the Scrolls).


wom4Here are the women bibliobloggers known to me or pointed out to me for your continued reading pleasure- with especial thanks to Deane and J.K. Gayle and Doug Iverson for the list (and to be completely honest, they included other blogs on their lists but they hardly seemed to me to fit the category of biblioblogs.  For instance, a mom reviewing Christian books doesn’t really match the profile and neither does a blog featuring readings from Joyce Meyers…  Of course that’s my subjective take on the category but since it’s my own Avignonian Carnival up in your face here I hardly feel compelled to include materials I think don’t at all fit).

Lady Bloggers                                          (barely active)*                                              (inactive)**                                             (inactive)                                                      (active)                                                      (inactive)                                        (active)                                                  (active)                                          (active)                                           (active)                                        (active)                                      (inactive)                                      (active)                                     (inactive)                                                   (active)                                          (active)                                                                     (barely active)                                           (active)                                            (active)                                                        (active)                                              (active)                       (inactive)                                      (active)

zwingli092Very few of the blogs listed posted materials related to biblical studies (as the carnival above makes clear).  There may not be as much of a dearth of women bloggers as there once was, but interest in the bible (etc) seems fairly rare or sporadic or something other than rampant and widespread.

A complete list of all known and unknown biblioblogs by all genders including even non-gendered people like Joel Watts can be found here, at the Biblioblog Top 50 managed by the curmudgeony NT Wrong.  Since she is a she, I feel it appropriate to include mention of her work this month.  She has also posted the Top Biblioblog of the month (which is clearly not based on any neutral data since the chosen blog is ranked in the 2 million range by Alexa and there are numerous biblioblogs which rank higher (in terms of traffic) like this one which none other approaches in terms of said traffic).  But you know how women are… they have an eye to other-than-scientific ranking methods.  They’re so subjective.  They aren’t like men.  They are from Venus).

Caroline posted on the New Zealand and Australia Theological Society meeting.  Some very interesting things went on, it looks like, down under.

Next month, to be fair and equitable, the Carnival will be an all male edition. Just for the sake of fairness.

And now, if you will, trot over to Andy King’s blog, The Blog of the Twelve, and take a look at the official Carnival.  If it hasn’t been posted yet I’m sure it will be soon.

* ‘Active’ blogs have posts, though not necessarily related to the Bible, in June.
** ‘Inactive’ blogs do not have posts of any sort, in June.