See, That Didn’t Take Long: If Gay Marriage is Ok, So is Polygamy

Better, though, than the post is the comment of Andrew

I really hope this is a satire but in either case we ought to recognize that prostitution, polygamy and all deconstructive re-definitions of marriage are extreme yet logical consequences of an autonomous-voluntarist concept of freedom–a concept implicitly embedded in our formalistic idea of freedom and rights. David L. Schindler has for years emphasized that this autonomous-formalistic language of rights is common to Both “conservatives” and “progressives.” Conservatives may seek prudent refrain and appeal to a postivistic (merely “rational”) concept of natural-law, but this framework is susceptible to gradual revisions such as the acceptance of no-fault divorce. Conservatives may seek to stop short of further revisions, but the implicit autonomous-voluntarist ontology embedded in their “neutral” or formalistic is, of its nature, a foundation made for deconstruction.

Our demonic conception of ‘freedom’ as autonomy has destroyed our society.  Nay, our world.  And Emil Brunner said it would ages ago in his prophetic ‘Man In Revolt’.

[By the way, no one should skip Brunner’s book if they’re really interested in anthropology or even in the twists and turns of the human being’s mind].

4 thoughts on “See, That Didn’t Take Long: If Gay Marriage is Ok, So is Polygamy

  1. Jeff Carter 30 Jun 2013 at 9:46 pm

    Didn’t Thomas Aquinas argue for the legalization of prostitution?


    • Jim 30 Jun 2013 at 9:47 pm

      no clue. not a fan of aristotle’s catholic ghost


  2. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 1 Jul 2013 at 10:19 am

    Yes, that was obvious. They say that there are 600 thousand polygamists in this country who need legal acceptance and same rights as hetero couples. May I say more? I will anyway: After hetero-polygamy, how about a push for homosexual polygamy? Think that this is far fetched? Then, I am sorry, bu you don’t know real homosexual people! It is common where homosexuality is accepted (in Brazil for example) that homosexuals accept and welcome multiple partners and even those with committed relationships do not find it objectionable. You see, they first said (in the middle 70’s) that accepting homosexuality would end bath-houses and promiscuous homosexual activity, but in the future it is coming back, except that it will be called a civil right, a homo-polygamist relationship, no longer “bath-houses” and promiscuous homosexual activity, but it will be the same thing and of the same substance and motives.


  3. Truth2Freedom 1 Jul 2013 at 2:16 pm

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