Simcha Says he Has Found THE Mt Sinai. The VERY One…

Mosque on Mount Sinai, prayed in myself

Uh huh.  Just like Vendyl Jones found the red heifer and others have found Noah’s ark, the ark of the covenant, the true cross, the holy grail, and the alien body in area 51…

Anyway, after relating various events at a conference that was, yes, actually held recently to discuss the location of Mt Sinai (no, I’m not making that up and it isn’t in The Onion), Simcha writes

My friend Hershel Shanks who moderated my session chided me for being too confident. He wanted me to have an appropriate mount of humility when I said that his theory – following the late Frank Moore Cross – that Mount Sinai was in Saudi Arabia was impossible. Hershel, by definition, Mount Sinai has to be in the Sinai, or it’s not Mount Sinai. Having said all this, Joshua Schmidt has to be commended for creating this forum. The only way to get to the truth is by a civilized debate.

Here is a link to my paper where I contend – no one has made a single argument as to why I am wrong – that Hashem el-Tarif, a mountain about 45 minutes out of Eilat into the Sinai desert is, without question, (sorry, Hershel, I know I should be more humble) Mount Sinai!

Are you sure he isn’t ‘your very, very, exceptionally, exceedingly good friend’?  I wonder when the movie’s coming out.  And I wonder if James Cameron will direct it.  I wonder if the title will be ‘Finding Mt Sinai, Where Jesus Actually Spent His Life Because We Found the Shards from the True Cross There‘.

[NB- Why is he wrong?  Because the entire theory is based on speculation and innuendo.  ‘If’ occurs 16 times on 8 pages, and those aren’t 8 pages of tightly packed text either.  There’s not a shred of substantive evidence.  Still, his paper has some pretty illustrations.]