A Government That Will Spy On Its Own Citizens for No Cause Will Lie to them Too

So when the NSA says that it has thwarted dozens of terrorist attacks thanks to their wholesale betrayal of the American people and the Constitution which is supposed to govern us, I’m not willing to believe it.

The Patriot Act provision that allowed the NSA to collect phone records has helped thwart “dozens” of terror events, Alexander said.  He promised that records showing the secret surveillance program was critical to disrupting dozens of terrorist plots will be made public within a week.  The order that allowed for the NSA collection of phone records of millions of Americans was based on Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which allows law enforcement to obtain a wide variety of “business records,” including calling records. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who questioned Alexander about the section, wanted specific figures about what attacks had been averted.  Not yet, responded Alexander. But he vowed to have them soon.

Yeah right.  And unicorns fly and spread sunshine and rainbows too.  Assisted by the Obama administration and Congress, the American people have been betrayed and worse, treated, wholesale, like criminals and enemies.  That’s despicable and disgusting and I don’t care what their lying rationale for it is.  Liars lie.  Even if they happen to be government institutions.  And their ‘but you can trust us to do what’s best for you’ is ridiculously absurd.  We can trust them to do what’s best for them.

Though not a fan of the loony separatists in Montana and Wyoming I’m coming to understand why they believe as they believe.

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