What Do the Rabid ‘Anti-Creationism’ Folk Seem to Believe?

They seem to believe that God is incapable of making anything, so he had to leave to evolutionary processes the actual doing of nature.  I find such a notion, however, completely ridiculous.

God, being God, can do whatever he wants.  If he wants to Create Out of Nothing he can.  If he wants to do it in six literal days or in 60,000,000 literal years he’s more than able to do so.  If he wants to set in motion an evolutionary process he’s more than free to do it.  But to suppose, even subconciously, that he ‘can’t’ do something like create from nothing seems little more than sub-christian pseudo theology to me.

I’ve said before and I continue to say that the ‘how’ of creation is the most boring of all questions.  The more interesting question is the ‘why-ness’ of it all.  It’s more interesting because it’s more relevant to life.  How we got here?  Who, frankly, cares?  There’s nothing that can be done about it.  But Why we’re here… ah, there’s the central issue.

But I find the rabid anti-creationists to be an odd lot.  They seem to want to make evolutionary biology an article of faith and in that sense they are kindred spirits of the very people they denounce so loudly: they are dogmatists.  Unfortunately their dogmatism has no basis in either life as it’s lived each day nor in biblical theology.