An Interview with Geza Vermes, Emanuel Tov, and Lawrence Schiffman

Here.  From a few years back- but which you probably haven’t ever seen.

Audio lectures (along with print transcripts) from a 2000 seminar hosted by Australian Broadcasting, with Geza Vermes, Lawrence Schiffman and Emanuel Tov — principal representatives of the traditional Qumran-Essene story of the Scrolls. This interview is interesting in part because it occurs historically at about the same time a majority of scholars were beginning to reject the Qumran Hypothesis forwarded by the speakers during the many influential decades of their academic careers. Six scroll fragments are specifically discuss: 4Q22 (Exodus 6:25-7:19), 11Q5 (41 Biblical & Apocryphal psalms), 4Q169 (Nahum Commentary), 4Q260 (Community Rule), 4Q394 (Acts of Torah), 11Q14 (War Rule).

With thanks to Lawrence Schiffman for mentioning it on the twitter.

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