In Which Yuval Goren Rebuts the Advert of Robert Deutsch in BAR

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2 Responses to In Which Yuval Goren Rebuts the Advert of Robert Deutsch in BAR

  1. Joe Zias says:

    All of us working in archaeology know that what Yuval has reported here is correct, unfortunately one has to defend science and archaeology against a handful of individuals, many of whom are non-archaeologists, posing whenever they can as being such, running rel. cults under the guide of being non-profit, hustling scrolls etc. The list is not long and its all being done for one thing and one thing only and that is greed, pure greed. The fact that BAR would publish such a claim against one of the most trusted and brilliant scholars out there raises questions. and should explain why many of us refuse to publish in BAR.
    I would like to add that one of their ‘expert witnesses’ in the ossuary trial, whose name nor expertise was unknown to anyone here, comes from an American university listed yesterday, as one of the top 25 worst colleagues and universities in the US. There’s always a ‘gun for hire’ or an academic out there, willing to be involved in these matters, securing an archaeological license, univ. ‘oversight, consulting, participating, if the price is right. As one of them told me in 2006 when I asked about the reason for being involved in such questionable matters and what will happen when one is shunned by the academic community, their reply was I’ll laugh all the way to the bank”. Our years long friendship ended over that remark. The rest of us have to do the same otherwise it will only worsen.


  2. Joe Zias says:

    Aside from the BAR Crowd, no one took Deutsch seriously anyway, it was but a cheap shot..


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