Horizons in Hermeneutics

New from Eerdmans, this Festschrift honoring Anthony Thiselton:

horizonsFrom essays that focus on the horizon of the text through to essays that consider the horizon of the twenty-first century church, this collection invites reflection on the illumination that hermeneutical awareness brings to biblical interpretation. This Festschrift in honor of Anthony C. Thiselton aims to consider, exemplify, and build upon his insights in philosophical hermeneutics and biblical studies, particularly in relation to Paul and his writings.

John Rogerson likes it-

“There are some heavyweight contributors and some heavyweight contributions in this collection of essays. They range from constructive engagement with the work of A. C. Thiselton, through surveys of current issues in theological hermeneutics, to developments of themes and ideas taken from Thiselton’s work. This is a stimulating and informative collection and a worthy tribute to what one contributor calls ‘the prince of present-day hermeneuts.’ “

It does look fun.

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