New Zealand Has Legalized Gay Marriage…

But the churches of New Zealand aren’t going along (well, except the far left Anglicans, also known to be the equivalent of the Seeker Sensitive Unitarian Universalists) –

Gay marriage has been legalised by Parliament – but it is still banned by most of New Zealand’s 10 main religions.  A Herald survey has found that five of the top 10 – Catholics, Baptists, Ratana, Mormons and Muslims – are unlikely to bend their strict opposition to gay marriages despite last week’s 77-44 vote in Parliament to legalise same-sex marriage.  The Anglicans are also opposed, at least for now.

‘At least for now- because we know that pretty soon those folk will be all for it…’

The new law says celebrants from organisations approved to conduct marriages are not obliged to marry a same-sex couple if it is against “the religious beliefs or philosophical or humanitarian convictions of the approved organisation”.  Catholic bishops’ spokeswoman Simone Olsen said: “No Catholic priests will be conducting same-sex marriages, and no Catholic church will be used as a venue.”

Gotta love the Catholics.

Auckland Anglican Bishop Ross Bay issued a statement yesterday instructing his clergy not to marry same-sex couples until a commission chaired by former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand reports on the issue in May next year.  “In the meantime the church will continue to work with its definition of marriage as between a man and a woman,” the bishop said.

Oh Anglicans…

“Priests of the Auckland diocese are expected to work within that understanding.”

For now anyway…

Of course there are the usual suspects happy to take part…

But liberal Anglican minister Rev Glynn Cardy of St Matthew-in-the-City said a gay couple could marry in his church as long as they used a minister from another church.  “If a Presbyterian or Methodist minister came with a heterosexual couple and said can we marry here, the answer would be yes, therefore we would say yes to a gay or lesbian couple in the same way,” he said.

Yes, because Presbyterians and Methodists are just the same as homosexual couples… so I do see his point there.

Via Jason Goroncy who is going to post later in the week on the topic (and whom I warned- “if you aren’t for it, prepare to feel the hate”).

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  1. And that’s not the worst of it, Jim. Gay marriage is a slippery slope to so many other abominations in the eyes of Yahweh. Have you seen this news?

    “Authorities in New Zealand are struggling to contain a burdgeoning epidemic of beastiality unleashed by its recent legalization of gay marriage.”


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