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No, Regions Bank, None of that is True Here

Regions bank has been down all day.  No web access, no mobile app access, no workarounds, nothing has worked.  Yet Regions wrote on their Facebook page just a bit ago

Today our customers experienced problems accessing regions.com due to a domain name issue. We’ve resolved the issue and access to our web site, including online banking, is being restored. We apologize and are doing all we can to restore service as quickly as possible. If you are still having problems accessing the web site, you may visit a branch during business hours, visit a Regions ATM, or call our contact center at 1-800-REGIONS for assistance. If you’ve downloaded the Regions Mobile Banking app, you can use it to access your accounts. For other inquiries, email us at askRegions@regions.com. Our Customer Care team is happy to help.

None of it is true.  The issue isn’t resolved.  Here’s the screenshot I took just now showing that Regions web domain is still not renewed-


Nor is service being restored nor do mobile apps work on either iPhone or iPad.  Calling the number referenced only results in more frustration thanks to canned answers and ‘we’re working on it and hope to have the problem resolved shortly’.

I wouldn’t at all object if their service was free (it isn’t, fees abound at Regions) or if they didn’t have my money in their computer managed accounts.  It makes me terribly uncomfortable to think that an institution which can’t manage its web renewal has my resources.  And I hate canned answers read from training manuals all of which end with ‘we appreciate your patience as we strive to resolve this issue as soon as possible’.

I know, I know, this is a classic #FirstWorldProblem.  But it is a problem.  And I’ve loved this bank and been a customer for 20 years.  #SorelyDissappointedAtTheirLackofConcern

Evil in Boston

Bombing runners?  This is what political statements have come to?  Really? WTH.   WTH………

Two explosions erupted the finish line of the Boston Marathon today, turning the annual race into a bloody crime scene. The blasts occurred on Boyleston Street about three hours after the top runners had finished the race, but with thousands of marathoners still running the route. According to law enforcement sources, the first blast was at the Marathon Sports running store before 3 p.m., and blew out windows in four nearby buildings, injuring 15 to 20 individuals. About 10 second later, a second explosion occurred, severely injuring more bystanders, police said. Boston EMS personnel could be seen shuttling the injured out of the blast area on wheelchairs. Several of them were bleeding from the face. Massachusetts General Hospital has received four patients and is expecting more, according to a hospital spokesman.

Our. Sick. Depraved. World.

Cross Town Rivalries are the Best

Everyone is familiar with the famous cross town rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs.  Less familiar – probably – is the rivalry between Zurich and their crosstown rivals the Grasshoppers (true story).  Here’s a poster for an upcoming game (and note, the lion is eating a grasshopper)-


But best of all – the comments and caption-

Gwünned Das DERBY !!! ♥ FCZ ♥
Scheiss HOPPERS!!


Oh Come On Regions!

My bank, Regions, has been offline all day.  Was it hackers?  Nope.  Was it some sort of power outage?  Nope.  What was it then?  Well the unbelievable!

Regions has renewed its ownership of the regions.com domain, a call to Network Solutions confirmed, and is now set to expire in 2023. However, even after clearing the cache, service does not appear to have been restored to regions.com.

That’s right- a fairly large financial corporation with offices all across the Southeast cannot offer its customers online banking today because someone didn’t renew their domain name!

AGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Come on!!!!!!!   It doesn’t even require any competence to open an email from your domain registrar when they send you their umpteen reminders that your name is about to lapse.

We (your customers) have stuff to do!

Lecture Announcement: *The Lindisfarne Gospels: Aldred’s Gloss* for God and St. Cuthbert and all the Saints Together who are in the Island


Folio 27r from the Lindisfarne Gospels contain...

30th April 2013, 17:30, Pemberton Lecture Theatre, PG21, Palace Green , Prof Eric Stanley, Oxford. This paper begins with the colophon. It was written by Aldred, the glossator who wrote the meaning of the Latin Gospels word for word in the Northumbrian language.

If you’re in town, plan on taking part.

Happy Tax Day Everyone…

irs-shakedownOr as I call it, the day we send still more money to our incompetent Congress so that it can waste it on useless wars, greedy politicians, overstuffed corporate tax breaks, foreign aid which arms our enemies and those who only pretend to be our allies, and welfare recipients who in most cases are just as able bodied as any of us and sometimes even more.



From Injustice Facts on the twitter-

@InjusticeFacts: Since 1992, there has been 124 cases of American professors being reprimanded by their dean for their open support for Palestinians.

That’s racism.