There’s No Awkwardness at All

Those outside the famous Barthian ‘hermeneutical circle’ can investigate the biblical text all they want. But they will never fully comprehend it because they lack the one essential tool – the Holy Spirit.

There’s nothing I nor anyone else can do about this. It is simply the way things are.

A man born blind can discuss purple all his life but he will never know what it is.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Awkwardness at All

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  2. How then do you fit those who are in the Barthian circle, but who in good conscience see God calling them to a view counter to your own, for similar reasons to those Bob gave? Is the Holy Spirit not working for them? Or are they deluded if they thing they really are Christian? Seems that if you go this way, you are connecting the quality of someone’s faith with how much they agree with you. Fair enough, but rather an extremist tactic.


    • people of good will and the most honest of intentions can disagree and still be both led by and filled with the spirit. part of human frailty means that we even now ‘see through a glass darkly’. we have a problem and its with our abilities to hear the spirit rightly. sometimes we call fall victim to that. no question.

      however, those who are not christians do NOT have the benefit of the spirit’s guidance and hence CANNOT see correctly or clearly. one need only refer to 1 cor 2:14 for a dandy summary of my (and barth’s) view.


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