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Amazing- Even Miraculous

An Oregon man who became pinned by his 3,000-pound tractor has his teenage daughters to thank after they were able to lift the machine off him and quickly summon help. Jeff Smith, 36, of Lebanon, Ore. was on his 1949 … Continue reading

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The Heidelberg Catechism… and a Rap Song Celebrating It…

Stranger things have happened I suppose…

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On The Piety Which Parades Itself: An Observation

Piety on parade is always false piety- a blowing of the trumpet to gain attention for self or the dropping of coins into the Temple treasury in the sight of others; a self-glorifying standing on the street corner praying loudly … Continue reading

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In Which Danny Mc takes Ralph Ellis (Whoever That Is) to the Woodshed

And fillets him.  Apparently deservedly.

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This Week’s Winner of the ‘Dilly the Dilettante’ Award

And boy is it a doosie.  This email was sent to Francesca…. Two things to note… the Bible wasn’t written in English, so the whole premise is stupid.  Just rankly stupid.  Little wonder the ‘book’ hasn’t gotten much notice.  And … Continue reading

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Consensus? Where?

Joel Baden writes for Bible and Interpretation Recently, one of my students, inquiring about the relationship between two biblical texts, asked me, “What’s the consensus on this?” A common enough question, especially from students who are just starting in the … Continue reading

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If Doctrine is Right, Morals are Right; If Doctrine is Wrong, Morals are Wrong

Wrote Martin Luther- Doctrine and life must be distinguished.  Life is bad among us, as it is among the papists, but we don’t fight about life and condemn the papists on that account.  Wycliffe and Huss didn’t do this and … Continue reading

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Giorgio Girardet on Bullinger

Here– and very much worth reading.  He observes Bullinger, der als Nachfolger des früh gefallenen Zwingli Calvin elf Jahre überlebte, war zuletzt eine Art Patriarch des europäischen Protestantismus. Die Ehe ist für ihn, der zusammen mit Anna Adlischwyler elf Kinder hatte, die einzige menschliche … Continue reading

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For the Lovers of Books

Over at T&T Clark you’ll read, in part, We are delighted to announce the following titles from our backlist are now newly available in paperback, as part of our print on demand programme. Then follow some useful titles.  Like this … Continue reading

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First, Second, Third: An Observation

When writing, please do follow this simple rule:  if you use the word ‘first’ to kick off a listing, don’t continue it with ‘secondly’ and then ‘thirdly’ and ‘fourthly’, etc.  Stick with ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’, etc. Or, if you must … Continue reading

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Words Matter

I got this flyer in the email a bit ago and it serves as the occasion for the present post wherein I would simply like to remind theologians and biblical scholars that words matter.  And choice of words, especially in … Continue reading

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The Church of England has ruled out providing public blessings to same-sex marriages in a new report

The BBC reports The Church of England has ruled out providing public blessings to same-sex marriages in a new report. The move follows the outgoing Bishop of Liverpool Right Reverend James Jones’s questioning of whether the church should maintain its stance. … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History: Calvin Wasn’t Exactly Beloved in Geneva

THE enemies of Calvin left nothing untried to injure or afflict him: he was exposed to insult, not only in the council, but in the open street. He says, in reference to this period, that he expected to be killed; … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

#NorthKorea is threatening another missile launch. #France preemptively surrenders.  –  Joel Watts

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Once More, On The Invitation to Become a ‘Friend of ASOR’

Dear friend of the ancient world, As executive director of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), I am pleased to introduce you to The Ancient Near East Today, the monthly e-newsletter of the Friends of ASOR. The ANE Today (edited by … Continue reading

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