‘What is Emergent Christianity?’ Ok, I’ll Cut to the Chase

I was asked, in connection with a previous post, how I would define ’emergent Christianity’.  Here it is-

Emergent Christianity is a movement within (yet not exactly of) Christianity which – whilst jettisoning Scripture as the font of faith and practice- replaces it with a Madison Avenue-esque marketing scheme designed to attract adherents of its ‘form’ (though it is authentically malformed) of belief.  It is a movement rooted in secularism which strives to appeal to those whose Christianity is shallow enough and theologically ignorant enough to adopt its anti-clericalism and anti-denominationalism.

Consequently, though it ‘appears’ to be Christian it is as far from historic Christianity as the sun is from Pluto.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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3 Responses to ‘What is Emergent Christianity?’ Ok, I’ll Cut to the Chase

  1. Doug says:

    dont forget, they get their own bible, “The Voice”.


  2. Daniel Ortiz says:

    You forgot to include, “Western, English-speaking and non-confessional”


  3. John C. Poirier says:

    You’re right in what you say, but I would have mentioned something about their acceptance of a postmodern theory about “narrative” truth.


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