Secrets of the Bibliobloggers Exposed

Following are some very secret hopes and dreams held to by various of the bibliobloggers.  They have been discovered through copious research, thousands of hours of interviews, and years of personal relationships:

1- Joel Watts – wishes to appear on Jerry Spring where he will be fought over by two women from Thailand who, he discovers at the end of the show, are actually men!

2- Chris Tilling – secretly hopes to be invited to live with NT Wright where he will spend his remaining days basking in Wright’s effulgence.

3- Dorothy King – longs to be a super-model with free access to every stilleto ever made by any designer.

4- Bob Cargill – wishes with all his heart to be invited to serve as an adviser to Ken Ham’s latest project- Qumran Land.

5- James Crossley– has, oddly, and I have to say disturbingly, the same hope as Chris Tilling (raising the question- just what is wrong with British people?)

6- Mark Goodacre – desires to abandon his academic career to become a professional Cricket-er.

7- Antonio Lombatti – has a life-dream of hopping aboard a sailing vessel and discovering Atlantis.

8- Chris Rollston – pines to move to Chicago, where he will run a fantastic pizza shop which is daily visited by folk from the Oriental Institute whom he will regale with tales of epigraphy and correct their misreadings.

9- Deane Galbraith – wants to have sexual reassignment surgery.  Not for the reason you think, however. He just wants to be called Diane.

And finally

10- Scott Bailey– wishes with all his heart that he could be an American, move to West Virginia, and be Joel Watt’s next door neighbor.

Shocking, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Secrets of the Bibliobloggers Exposed

  1. agathos

    Dear God, could you imagine living in West Virginia? I mean Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads I could handle… but West Virginia? I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fire stick than live in West Virginia.


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