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An Open Letter to the World

mcfcDear world,

Tomorrow from 2:45- till the game ends I am not to be disturbed.  #CityDerby #ManUtd v. #ManCity  #CityRules!


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Blaming the Victim: The Polish Professor who Says the Holocaust is the Fault of the Jews

I bet he thinks women who are raped are asking for it and boys molested by priests are the source of their own troubles.

A leading Polish professor has basically blamed the Holocaust on the Jews, telling a Polish monthly that “the dimensions of the German crimes were only possible due to the active cooperation of the Jews in the process of the slaughter of their people.”

The remarks by Prof. Krzysztof Jasiewicz, in an interview with the April edition of the magazine Focus-Historia marking 70 years since the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, have raised a storm among Poles and generated furious responses in most of the Polish media. The Jewish community of Warsaw also issued a scathing denunciation of his remarks.

Jasiewicz, of the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, said he has no intention of debating these issues, since “it’s a waste of the time we would devote to a dialogue with the Jews, whose sense of superiority and confidence that they are the chosen people are leading them to oblivion.”

What a vile man.

Jasiewicz described fellow historians who disagreed with him as “intellectually handicapped,” and declared that when it comes to science, one must detach oneself from sympathetic feelings and focus on facts, and on the right to interpret them.

A vile prat and a total fool.  I don’t know why Universities hire such people and I certainly don’t know why they keep them on the faculty.    He’s an historical ignoramus who has apparently forgotten or doesn’t know that non-Jews also died in Hitler’s gas chambers.  And they didn’t ‘bring it on themselves’ by their beliefs any more than did the Jews.

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Rudolf Bultmann is on the Twitter

You should follow him.  He’s a hoot (and more to the point, his humor makes the point).


Boy talk about being right on Sanders…  Anyway- enjoy the teaching through humor and wit.

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On The Place of Philosophy Within Theology

Perhaps the most ambitious attempt during the era of early orthodoxy to manifest the compatibility of philosophy and theology is the system of Nicolas Taurellus. It serves both as an example of the new striving toward system and intellectual synthesis typical of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and as a witness to the general unwillingness of Protestant scholasticism to develop in a thoroughly philosophical or metaphysical direction despite its scholastic method and its renewed interest in the relationship of theology to philosophy. Taurellus argued that an adequate metaphysics could arise only in a Christian context and in explicit opposition to secular and pagan authorities, setting forth his position at length in his Philosophiae triumphus, hoc est, metaphysica philosophandi methodus (1573). He then proceeded, in his Synopsis Aristotelis Metaphysicae ad normam christianae religionis (1596), to rewrite Aristotelian metaphysics by excising or modifying those concepts found to be at odds with revelation.*

And that’s the way metaphysics should be done.  We only know truth through the lens of revelation.  Every other way of seeing is ‘through a glass darkly’.  Or worse, authentic blindness.

*Muller, R. A. (2003). Post-Reformation reformed dogmatics: The rise and development of reformed orthodoxy; volume 1: Prolegomena to theology (2nd ed.) (390–391). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

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We shouldn’t only care about suicide when it happens in high publicity families. #EveryLifeMatters .

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Luther’s Advice to Preachers

luther“A preacher is like a carpenter. His tool is the Word of God. Because the materials on which he works vary, he ought not always pursue the same course when he preaches. For the sake of the variety of his auditors he should sometimes console, sometimes frighten, sometimes scold, sometimes soothe,” etc. — Martin Luther

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