Dear North Carolina, Please Let Me Be the Grand Inquisitor

When you set up your cool new theocracy.  I promise to do a good job and honest injun, ask anyone, I can spot a heretic what needs burning or drowning at 200 yards.  Furthermore, I have many years experience already as a sort of Grand Inquisitor in training.  And finally, I’ll do it for free.  All I will need from you is permission to seize all the property, monies, and holdings of what will be sure to be many, many victims, erm, I mean trespassers.

This is a one time offer, North Carolina.  I advise you to take it.  You’ve been warned.

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2 thoughts on “Dear North Carolina, Please Let Me Be the Grand Inquisitor

  1. 200 yards? I can lend you one of my rifles and you can execute your justice without having to smell the executee… At 200 yards? It is like taking a baby from a candy!


  2. […] posted the news this morning, followed by Christian, and then Jim’s gleeful refrain. While the law may even get passed in North Carolina, allowing for a return when States had State […]


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