Americans and their Guns

41inI49TA1L._SL500_AA300_I’m probably alone in this but it strikes me as amazingly ironic that for the most part the people who are most fixated on arming Americans are also fixated on spending massive sums on Defense and the Weapons industry.

Either they don’t really believe the Government can protect them (so why have police forces and Armed forces?) or they believe the Government can protect them (so why the quest to arm everyone?).

America really is a land of contradictions.  Der Mensch im Widerspruch indeed… (for the non German readers- that’s Man in Contradiction (though the English edition really bungles it and calls it ‘Man in Revolt’).

One thought on “Americans and their Guns

  1. Irony: Then they demand that we stick God’s name all over everything we do, as if He ever sanctioned a culture so obsessed with death and violence.


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