A Very Happy Birthday to Israel Finkelstein, Israel’s Premier Archaeologist

yosefgarfinkel-finkelsteinToday is, in case you didn’t know it, Israel Finkelstein‘s birthday.  Born March 29, 1949, he today celebrates his 64th.  So to him, a very happy birthday wish from those of us who have learned so much from him and benefited by his insightful reconstructions of Israel’s history.  If you haven’t familiarized yourself with his work, I recommend The Quest for the Historical IsraelThe Bible Unearthed DVD (that’s one fantastic work my friends!), and of course The Bible Unearthed in printed form.  Moreover, he’s on Academia.edu (where all the coolest kids are) and has uploaded a number of his very fine, very informative papers for your perusal.  You can find them here.

Happy birthday, Israel!

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