Our Own Candida Moss Shows Bill O’Reilly to Be an Historical Ignoramus: There Is No ‘War on Easter’

Here, Candida writes (in part)

For those who do not share O’Reilly’s perspective about the war on Christianity and the agenda of the secular progressives, his argument appears laughable. But for those who do he’s a herald of the apocalypse. He is the seer who reads the tea leaves and understands the connections between seemingly unrelated current affairs. He sees the work of the Devil in the details.

Nor should we expect O’Reilly to abandon this perspective anytime soon. In a brief conversation about his forthcoming book Killing Jesus, O’Reilly stated that Jesus died because of taxation. Without going into detail about the specifics of his argument, he went on to discuss the similarities between Roman treatment of Jews at the time of Jesus and the current administration’s encroachment on the liberties and properties of modern Americans.

It is not difficult to connect the dots or extract O’Reilly’s larger point. In this modern day passion story, O’Reilly and like-minded individuals stand with Jesus and the oppressed Jews of ancient Galilee. The current administration and SPs stand with the Christ-killer Romans.

If only O’Reilly knew as much as he thinks he knows- particularly about history and specifically about Christian history… alas, then he wouldn’t be shown to be so unlearned at every turn.  And whilst Candida thinks Bill may need to be taken as a prophetic voice in the hinterlands of fundamentalism (my term, not hers) representing some segment of Christianity, I can’t.  I can only take him for what he is- a dilettante who should neither speak about history nor write about Jesus.

I certainly won’t be reading his rubbish.  There’s too much, far too much good stuff to read to waste a second on his fourth rate pseudo-‘scholarship’.

Anywho- read Candida’s entire essay.


One thought on “Our Own Candida Moss Shows Bill O’Reilly to Be an Historical Ignoramus: There Is No ‘War on Easter’

  1. wken 27 Mar 2013 at 4:52 pm

    There is a book by Bill O’Reilly in my church library. Its presence makes me sad. That it’s beside one by Ann Coulter makes me angry.

    If Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck show up, I might seriously change churches.

    I could tolerate Mike Huckabee … at least the guy’s a Baptist and a pastor. Ugggh …


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