Obama: Pandering to the Israelis

In Jerusalem the streets were decorated with Stars and Stripes for the visit of Barack Obama. Officials even created an official logo for the visit and plastered it across advertising hoardings.

In Ramallah it is a rather different story. The only billboards to mark the US president’s trip to what is in effect the capital of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank were dozens of posters put up by protesters along the main road from Jerusalem, which read: “Obama: don’t bring your smart phone to Ramallah – you won’t have mobile access to the internet – we have no 3G in Palestine.” They had been painted over, apparently by security officials.

While Obama’s speeches in Israel have been peppered with endearing Hebrew phrases, he has said only one word publicly in Arabic: “Marhaba” (hello).

So the Guardian.  Fact is, dear people, Obama has destroyed a brilliant opportunity to make honest progress on behalf of peace.  But everyone in the Palestinian territories now knows the awful truth: President Obama panders to the Israelis and cares nothing for the fate of the Palestinians.  Read Matthew Kalman’s full report, and put a sign over President Obama’s diplomatic skills:  “Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here”.

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