The Session With Goodacre, Rollston and Tabor

It was a good session.  Mark and Chris did a good job and James also did, though for me not as persuasively.  Indeed, Mark and Chris undermined the evidence which James presented so thoroughly that, again for me, there’s no reason to hold his view.

Nevertheless, it was good to chat with James even just for a moment.  He’s a genuinely nice person.  Afterwards Chris and I went for coffee and that was exceedingly pleasant.

It was nice to chat with Mark for moment too.  That’s always the case though.  Here are some photos- including the VERY nice gift Chris brought- my name in Pale0-Hebrew carved in Cherry wood.  It’s beautiful.

8 thoughts on “The Session With Goodacre, Rollston and Tabor

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  2. jamesdtabor

    Thanks Jim. It was likewise good to see you. Mark Elliot has asked the three of us to post our presentations, with responses to one another, at Bible & Interpretation. I will let everyone know when those links go up and I look forward to reading what folks think. I will be posting more on this interesting session on my blog later this week. Some very interesting points emerged in the exchange. And yes, Tom, your slides did get flashed up and were given “credit,” as were Cargill’s.


    1. Jim Post author

      this is great news! fantastic really. thanks so much for sharing it! i think it’s a grand thing to get them in B&I so those not at the session might have the chance to see for themselves what went on and make up their own minds.


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  5. Jim Workman

    Dr. West–I too enjoyed the debate, but was disturbed by the below-the-belt shots by your friend Chris (greeted with laughter–some of it nervous in my ears). Chris made his points well enough without the attempted humor. I thought that part was unprofessional. BTW–I’m no partisan for Jim Tabor, believing as I do that Jesus’ bodily resurrection is precisely what is affirmed in the NT.

    Signed–another Jim (Workman)


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