The Evening Session

1- First paper- Psalm 120-134- What is a Psalm of Ascent?
By Max Rogland.

Loren Crow’s 4 categories of possible meaning were reviewed. And dismissed. The discussion is presently stagnated. So Rogland wishes to offer a new understanding. ‘The song of the steps’ may be more apropos. Drawing on D. Miano’s work – Rogland understands the Hebrew phrase as referencing a ‘shadow clock’ comprised of steps. Roglund thus would render the Hebrew phrase ‘psalm of the hours’.

As the shadow on the steps moves the psalms are sung accordingly. A careful examination of the psalms do reveal a series of events throughout the day. References to the passing of time are found in each.

Perhaps these psalms were in daily use by the laity. They do reference daily experiences common to the common folk. So perhaps, speculating, this is a little prayer book intended for daily use.

2- Second Paper- Teaching Introduction to Old Testament.
By Philip Sherman.

This paper focused on pedagogy and reception history. By reception history he means any use of the bible in any context in any medium. By examining the history of reception students learn to read the bible more carefully.

-3 Third Paper – The Interpretation of Ecclesiastes
By Daniel Ray.

Ray attempts to show that there is in fact an organizing center of the book. He organizes it chiastically with 5:1ff as the center (but his chiasm rejects 1:1ff and 12:1ff as inclusive).

For Ray, Qoheleth urges piety, not doubt. God is the source of good and readers are called on to fear God.

All three were nicely presented and very, very interesting.  Tomorrow should be great as well.  Here are some photos of the a forthcoming book, the presenters, and some other guy I ran into in the hall.  You’ll know him as the proud recipient of a Dilly…