Much Ado About Absolutely Less Than Nothing

The biblioblogs are abuzz with word of Tausig’s ‘New, New Testament‘ which is just an old, old Marcionite or Jeffersonian idea (i.e., one’s own private canon to replace the Church’s canon).  It’s much ado about absolutely less than nothing.  You probably have a copy of the non-canonical gospels laying around somewhere so save your money.  This pseudo-New Testament will only be useful to people who think Christianity should abandon itself and become a new age sect (as the endorsements at the link above make clear).

To create this New New Testament, Hal Taussig called together a council of scholars and spiritual leaders to discuss and reconsider which books belong in the New Testament. They talked about these recently found documents, the lessons therein, and how they inform the previously bound books. They voted on which should be added, choosing ten new books to include in a New New Testament.

Oh well if THEY voted (since they’re so much wiser than the Early Church was) I guess that changes everything…

[There’s nothing new under the sun- even the absurdity of ‘the me canon’ which nicely meshes with the ‘me-church’ and the ‘me-faith’ so beloved in certain quarters these days].

UPDATE:  Evidently Joel reviewed the thing.  I guess I should read his blog (more often)…

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    • making it even less meaningful as a tool to interpret christianity and less sensible as a purchase


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