Square Script? Really? From the 10th Century BCE?

11 Mar

The folk at Fuller have been documenting (on facebook) the many errors of ‘The Bible” on the History Channel.  This one is so absurd that it deserves wider mention:

This is supposed to be the letter written from David to Joab to have Uriah killed… a garbled and fragmentary version 2 Sam 11:15. It also uses an anachronistic script (with wrong letters in places) and misunderstands how stamp seals were used. (It should be used to seal strings that wrap around a scroll.) It makes no sense–the letter, or the lack of attention to detail.


Come on.  If they had consultants (and listened to them) then how tough would it have been to use the proper script and the proper sort of seal?  I’m not just being pedantic.  This is just wrong.  It’s inaccurate.  It’s false.  Consequently, it’s deceptive.

GMA has it right- this series is ‘Gold’.  And that’s the producer’s aim.

I’d have no issue whatsoever with it if it were called ‘The Bible Fictionalized’.  At least that would be true.  “The Bible”?  Not really.


One response to “Square Script? Really? From the 10th Century BCE?

  1. CS

    11 Mar 2013 at 4:32 pm

    On paper to boot! And the square script on the tablets? At least Cecil B. DeMille got that one right(er) …
    In addition, Delilah is bribed with silver coins (many of them …. nod to Judas maybe????) by her fellow Philistine to betray Samson. Erm …. didn’t coinage only come into vogue sometime in the 7th BCE?
    The architecture in Saul’s palace is a fantasy Ottoman style, his battle tent slightly medieval, the warriors in Jericho just don’t look like warriors in Jericho would have looked like. And what about the assortment of male characters with Roman style short hair? I shudder to think of the next installment which promises (it seems) an equally short haired Nebuchadnezzar. I am very confident that the dude called Daniel will show up in that episode as well …