Condom Church, Detroit

It’s amazing to watch the self-justification exhibited by the Pastor of the Detroit Church which distributes condoms in ‘safe sex’ kits to anyone in the community who wants them.

In the name of the Gospel he attempts to persuade us that aiding and abetting immorality is a good thing.  ‘People are having sex, so we need to make it safe’ is the logic underlying his claims but let’s think about that just for a moment.  By distributing condoms his church is granting permission to whomsoever wishes to commit fornication and adultery (which are, whether he likes it or not, called sins by the Bible and by historic Christianity).   He may think it unhelpful and old fashioned to refuse to bow the knee to our unethical society but immorality destroys far more lives than decency and far more people have STD’s who are promiscuous than those who rightly exercise the gift of sex within the context of a monogamous marriage.

Furthermore, though the reality is that people are promiscuous the Gospel calls us not to affirm evil but to replace it with good.  Enabling evil is itself evil.  The condom church is contributing, as it were, to the delinquency of society.  This is not something to celebrate or laud, it is something to mourn and lament.

In wishing to seem ‘cool’ condom church has violated its own calling to be The Body of Christ which, when joined to a prostitute (or the profligate) ceases to be that and becomes nothing more than a club.  A cool club the immoral will enjoy, to be sure, but not a Church.  Indeed, anything but a church.

It’s great to care for people but it’s a lie to tell people that immorality is acceptable and to aid them in perpetrating immorality.  Churches don’t do that.  Churches worthy of the name lift people from the gutter, they don’t applaud them while they’re wallowing in the filth of the sewer.

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4 thoughts on “Condom Church, Detroit

  1. Joe Zias 10 Mar 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Det. churches Nothing changes, that’s where I once did a anthro. study on store front preachers in the inner city and learned the term ‘pimpin off the bible’. They were doing quite well after being blessed by the Holy Spirit, no need for ordination, little faith healing, little hustling this and that, running numbers, women, fencing stuff, stuff to drink, stuff to snuff. I learned quite a bit about how its done and how to get rich quick, paid off yrs later here in the Holy Land when I knew I had seen that movie before. Only difference was that here they were white and instead of posing as a preacher they were preachers posing as archaeologists yet still ‘pimpin off the bible’.


  2. Milton Almeida 10 Mar 2013 at 2:12 pm

    The excuse that “we don’t condone (no pun intended) but since it’s inevitable is equivalent to declare that the biblical/historical Gospel is powerless.
    Mark my words: Next, they distribute clean hypodermic needles so the Detroitans may inject their drugs and enjoy their addiction with “clergy blessed needles”. The excuse? God forbid they share needles!


    • Jim 10 Mar 2013 at 2:14 pm

      exactly. it is a powerless gospel – and therefore a false gospel- which they embrace.


  3. Milton Almeida 10 Mar 2013 at 2:20 pm

    There should be an ellipsis and and end quote after the word “inevitable”, but my iPad edited them out.


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