Israel: Apartheid Racism in Action

The Independent reports

Israel will open new “Palestinian bus routes” in the West Bank tomorrow after bowing to pressure from settlers who argue that sharing transportation is a  security risk.

Officially, the new lines, operated by the Afikim company, are designed to ease pressure on the transport network that carries people from the West Bank into central Israel, which many Palestinians with Israeli work permits use each day. However, the Transport Ministry in Jerusalem has been accused of promoting segregationist policies after advertisements for the new routes were produced only in Arabic and distributed only in Palestinian villages in the West Bank.

The ministry insists that all bus lines are open to anyone, but the launch has followed pressure from the late Ron Nachman, former Mayor of the settlement of Ariel, who argued that Palestinians should be stopped from boarding buses going to the settlements. The new buses will not enter Jewish settlements and instead will terminate at the Eyal checkpoint.

That’s racism.  That’s the policy of apartheid.  South Africa suffered boycott for it, it’s time Israel did as well.

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One thought on “Israel: Apartheid Racism in Action

  1. joe zias 3 Mar 2013 at 2:50 pm

    My comment on this disgrace-
    By Joe-Jerusalem
    03 Mar 2013

    It’s not only Arab vs Jew but Orthodox men vs women and secular Jews as well so my solution is simple,

    Men sit in back with the women, women, sit up front with the men and refuse to move. They have a problem, well its their problem not yours. Stand fast and stop turning the other cheek, its your right to sit wherever you wish to sit.

    What should be pointed out here is that the Christian Zionists have heavily funded the West Bank settlement Ariel, whose idea was behind this. Maybe its time to think things anew


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