A Brilliant Essay on the Pseudo-Archaeologists Pillaging the West Bank

Randall Price and his kind are rightly and roundly thoroughly excoriated in this brilliant piece which should be required reading in every institute of Archaeology.  It’s very long but worth every minute it will take to read it.

Just a tiny snippet-

Since 1967, the IDF has surveyed and excavated over 6,000 sites in the occupied West Bank, filling military warehouses with artifacts and refusing to publish any data. The curtain was lifted in 2007, when Israeli researchers successfully sued the IDF’s Staff Officer for Archaeology to report his unit’s activities and discoveries in the region. The artifacts remain hidden away, but this interactive map allows users to virtually explore each site, sorted by time period.

The map which follows in the essay is amazing.  But even more importantly, where is the IAA in all of this?

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