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The Sweet Sistine Bracketology

From NPR on the Facebook:


Biblica Online

Dear Reader

We are pleased to inform you that Fascicle 93/4 (2012) of our journal is now available on-line at its usual site.

In this issue you will find the following articles and short notes:

Kalimi Isaac, «King Solomon: His Birth and Names in the Second Temple Period Literature» Vol.93 (2012) 481-499

Pinker Aron, «On the Meaning of Job 4,18» Vol.93 (2012) 500-519

Schütte Wolfgang, «Die Amosschrift als juda-exilische israelitische Komposition» Vol.93 (2012) 520-542

Thiessen Matthew, «Abolishers of the Law in Early Judaism and Matthew 5,17-20» Vol.93 (2012) 543-556

Ferda Tucker S., ««Sealed» with the Holy Spirit (Eph 1,13-14) and Circumcision» Vol.93 (2012) 557-579

Noonan Benjamin J., «Hide or Hue? Defining Hebrew THS» Vol.93 (2012) 580-589

Kilgallen John, «Was Jesus Right to Eat with Sinners and Tax Collectors?» Vol.93 (2012) 590-600

Swetnam James, «The Meaning of tois akousasin at Hebrews 4,2» Vol.93 (2012) 601-608

As usual, you will find on our pages the complete index of this issue and those of the last eighteen years, summaries of articles published over the last seventeen years and the complete text of articles and shorter contributions published since 1998.
We very much hope that our service will help the continuously increasing number of our on-line readers in their biblical research. We will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely yours

Roger Boily,
Managing Editor of the On-line edition

Fun Facts from Church History: Barth the Prolific

karl-barthDid you know that if you set all the things Karl Barth wrote on shelves the collection measures more than 4 meters?  Now that’s prolific.  Few scholars come close to that kind of productivity and fewer still are either that prolific or as consistently interesting and intelligent.

A Palestinian Woman is Assaulted While Israeli Security Looks On, Smiles, And Does Nothing

This is disgusting.  Decent people everywhere will be outraged and condemn this vileness.  Racists will applaud, wink, and excuse it.

285369_10151323313766295_1124661953_nFront page of Maariv newspaper, picture of a Palestinian woman assaulted by Israelis in a bus station as the security officer looks on and smiles. This is what occupation and discrimination do… See it, study it, understand that this is not an exception but a loud, shameful example of the indignity that is daily life of a Palestinian under Israel’s occupation. Following is Google’s translation of the Hebrew caption, as it appeared in the webiste:

“The woman stood at the station in Kiryat Moshe capital, suddenly several young women passing by began beat her and remove her head covering. Eyewitness told the nrg: “Young people were drunk and light rail security officer watched the incident with a smile and did not intervene” (Yossi me)” nrg.co.il  

Via Shara Jean.

Phil Long’s Last Call

Philip writes

The February 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted by Drewe at Delving into the Scripture.  You can  help Drewe out by sending nominations his way (piston9 at gmail.com).  What are the blogs you read this month which contributed to the discussion of biblical literature  theology, and culture?  What posts made you think more deeply?  Challenged you?

Mr Delving has an Alexa ranking of 6,865,965.  He could use your help.

Lots More Totally Depraved Professorial Misconduct

-Max Reinhart, a 65-year-old professor of Germanic and Slavic studies at the University of Georgia, was arrested and charged with prostituting himself for $60 and for allegedly running a prostitution house. Reinhart allegedly posed as a woman named “Sasha” in the transexual escort services section of Backpage.com, a well-known classifieds website targeted by activists and law enforcement alike for its featured advertisements.

-Firefighters discovered child pornography while putting out a fire at the waterfront home of 76-year-old Gamal El-Zoghby in New Jersey in January 2012. The AP reported that the firefighters were checking for hidden pockets of flame behind the walls by pulling down panels of sheet rock when a single magazine from the 1970s with pornographic images of pre-pubescent girls fell from behind one of the panels. The firefighters also found 60 to 70 vintage Playboy and Hustler magazines.

-In March, Wheaton College professor Donald Ratcliff was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography and two unlicensed handguns. Ratcliff was charged with two counts of Aggravated Child Pornography and was placed on administrative leave. He taught Christian education and child spirituality.

-Mey Akashah, an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health, pleaded guilty in Bermuda court on counts that she allegedly attempted to transport six grams of marijuana into the British territory by concealing it in her underwear. Drug-sniffing dogs alerted customs officials in the Bermuda airport that Akashah was carrying marijuana, the Harvard Crimson reported. Akashah said her doctor in California prescribed the cannabis for medical purposes following an operation.

-F. Chris Garcia, the 71-year-old former University of New Mexico president, and David Flory, a 68-year-old physics professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, were arrested in 2011 on charges of promoting prostitution, Examiner.com reported. They were allegedly running a website called Southwest Connections, which was based in the Albuquerque – Santa Fe area and featured information on escorts, including prices and “performance rankings” from members.

-California State University economics professor Kenneth Ng openly admitted to being the scribe behind BigBabyKenny.com, a site that guides tourists through Thailand’s sex trade. Ng defended his blogging on the site as “free speech.”

All via with more there.  Oh academia- thy tree is truly befouled by much rotten fruit.

David ‘Little Honey Tee’ Tee Exposed!

teeteeApparently he’s not a he at all, he’s a she.  And apparently she isn’t from South Korea either, she’s from Norway!  And, finally, Little Honey Tee Tee isn’t a retired school teacher either!!!!  She’s a mail scammer!!!!!  Look at this email that just arrived:


I write with earnest prayer that this email will find you well. I know that you will be surprise at receipt of this email from me to you. I don’t know how you will react after reading this email to you, but I do hope that it makes sense to you and it met favourably to your attention. I am Aurelia Lima. I am 32 years of age from Norway. My aim of writing you is for us to be friends a distance friend and from there we can take this to next level, I write this with the purest of intentions and I do hope that it meets with your attention, what I seek here is a God fearing friend that will understand me and I will understand you and together be perfect friends. Please write back if you can.



If that doesn’t scream David Tee Tee in all his (her) glory, nothing does!  The poor grammar, the senseless and feckless quest for attention at any price.  Tee Tee!  You aren’t fooling anyone.  I must decline your perverse and twisted advances.  But Joel may be interested…  Joel?

More ‘Well That’s an Accredited School For You’ Misconduct

Officials at Oklahoma State University did not go to the police with several reports of rape or sexual assault on campus in 2011, wrongly believing that they were following procedures protecting the information of the purported assailants.  According to a report by an OSU Board of Regents task force, university representatives “misinterpreted the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act.” The university believed that purported rapists’ educational records might have been involved in the case, and so, to protect those records, decided sexual assault fell under the purview of the school, not law enforcement.

(Emphasis mine).

Just let that sink in.  Has it sunk in yet?  Well, that’s an ‘accredited’ school for you…  That’s the sort of mentality operative in higher ed in this country these days.  Protect evildoers to preserve the school’s rep and the student’s ‘privacy’.

Accreditation buys you nothing, but it does buy the employees of the accrediting agencies some very nice houses…   (What a bloody farce the foolish have bought into- with your money).

How To Tell When God has Been Forsaken

RH-ZwingliPreachesZwingli astutely observes, first quoting Romans 1-

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful.”

And then remarking

From these words of Paul we learn that all these evils which he enumerates arise when we desert God, do not fully recognise Him, do not look up to Him, do not place our whole trust in him, but on the contrary despise Him and regard him somewhat as we would an old sleeping dog. 

Note well, worthy and beloved sirs, that wherever the above mentioned vices appear, God has been previously forsaken. And, vice versa, wherever people forsake God and trust in themselves, the vices named above are bound to follow as a punishment and penalty for the desertion from God.

It’s fair to say, given those criteria, that many Christians have forsaken God.

When Thugs Rule the Schools

A primary school head teacher and five other staff have been suspended after a pupil who threatened classmates with a knife stolen from the school kitchen was shut in a lockable room.

That’s right- if you seclude a violent child wielding a weapon, then it isn’t the miscreant who gets in trouble- it’s you. The lunatics really are running the asylum.

Head teacher Cath Woodall, 51, who was not on duty at the time, is among those being questioned by police after the nine-year-old boy made threats against teachers and pupils. The boy was confronted by school staff after he took a knife from the kitchen area of Revoe Primary School in Blackpool, Lancashire. A teacher blocked the boy’s path through the school and he started to kick out at her. The staff member then put the boy in a restraining hold approved for use by police officers. Finally he was placed in a small room with a glass window to try and calm him down. One teacher stood outside for forty minutes before the boy calmed down sufficiently. However parents of children at the central Blackpool school were told the “professional judgment” of the six employees had been questioned when “isolating them during challenging behaviour”.

Good grief. It’s time to shut down the experiment we call the human race.

A Prayer

Dear God,

Thanks for your abundance of patience. Truly. But it’s plain to see that our world is totally messed up royally. Bad is winked at and good is punished. None of us would blame you if you brought the experiment to an end. It would, if I might be frank, make perfect sense. After all, it doesn’t make sense to allow the world to be run by lunatics. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Anyway, I know you have stuff to do so I won’t keep you. I’m sure there are loads of jocks lined up to thank you for their latest ball throwing achievement and actors who want to play the toady for the shiny golden idol they won (but who won’t be back ever again if they didn’t).

Till next time,

Your Friend,


Pat Robertson is Insane

And he’s the world’s worst ‘interpreter’ of the Bible. And that’s saying something given the existence of Todd Bentley and Joel Osteen. Pentebabbleists…. you guys are just wretched when it comes to understanding the meaning of the Bible. ‘Demons attach themselves to inanimate objects…’ You guys- you’re more influenced by Voodoo than the Bible. Via.

A Word to the Emergents

There is no discipleship without doctrine.  Doctrine, (teaching) is the basis of discipleship (learning).  The absurd belief that you can ‘follow Jesus’ whilst ignoring doctrine is equivalent to the absurd belief that you can drive a car without a car.

Social Identity and Sectarianism in the Qumran Movement

27292‘Identity’ and ‘sectarianism’, two crucial and frequently used concepts in Qumran studies, are here problematized, appraised, and redefined. Two social-scientific theories inform the investigation of the serakhim (rule documents) and pesharim (commentaries). The sociology of sectarianism is presented in retrospect in order to identify appropriate methodological tools for speaking about sectarianism in the ancient context, and for comparing sectarian stances in theserakhim. Furthermore, a social-psychological perspective into identity is introduced for the first time for appreciating the dynamic and context-dependent nature of a person’s social identity. The final chapter takes a fresh approach to the study of the pesharim, arguing for the need to read each Pesher as a whole. It analyses the prototypical ‘teacher’ and brings forward new interpretations of this captivating and cloudy figure.

My review is here.

This Is What I Think of Congress

Via Brian Kelley on G+