Fun Facts From Church History: Catholics and their Lenten Rules

S. Jackson writes*

zwingli_schriftenThe Roman Catholic Church has enjoined that in strict fasts there should be only one meal a day and that at it no meat and no product of animals used as food, such as milk, butter, cheese, eggs, should be eaten. The “choice of foods” here spoken of** was between allowed foods such as fish, including shell fish, animals which lived on fish, as otters and beavers and certain water fowls, but not wild duck or wild goose. The drink must be of such things as quench thirst, as water, wine, beer, coffee, tea, lemonade, but not fluids which are foods under another form, such as milk and soup. The Church regulations as to fasting were in Zwingli’s day in Zurich enforced by the civil authorities.

Remind you of anyone? You’re right, if you said the Pharisees.

*The Latin Works and The Correspondence of Huldreich Zwingli: Together with Selections from His German Works, Volume 1 p. 70.

** In Zwingli’s justifiably famous sermon turned into book Von erkiesen und fryheit der spysen. Von ergernus und verböserung. Ob man gwalt hab die spysen zu etlichen zyten verbieten.