There Are No Secret ‘Codes’ in the Bible, They Just Exist in Fertile Imaginations

In spite of what the ‘researchers’ believe.

Burying bad news is a common tactic in modern politics – but researchers say it was actually first used in the Bible.  British and American researchers say they have uncovered a secret ‘Genesis Death Sandwich’ that reveals a ‘striking pattern between the two key themes of ‘life’ and ‘death’’.   The opening and closing verses of the book contain frequent mentions of life, whereas mentions of death are only found in clusters in the middle,’ they say.

Well they aren’t very smart then considering the fact that the murder of Abel occurs in chapter 4, which by anyone’s reckoning isn’t in the middle of the book.  And even earlier, the threat of death if the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is made use of.  And the book ends with death as well.

Whenever someone tells you there’s a ‘code’ embedded in the Bible, chuckle to yourself and move along.  The only ‘code’ that exists is in the mind of the perpetrator of the dilettantism.  And it only exists there because their imagination is overly fertilized- and we all know what fertilizer is made of.