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Speaking of Ignorance… Bill O’Reilly is Writing a Book on Jesus…

I’ll go ahead and give you your award, Bill.  Normally I like to read books before I find them disreputable but given two simple facts: 1) you aren’t a biblical scholar and thus have no more business writing a book on Jesus than you do writing a book on quantum physics (and neither does your co-author Mr Dugard, a ‘running coach’ (good lord), and 2) you’re a blowhard, I’ll go ahead and presume that your work will be pure worthlessness and so here’s your Dilly.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly plans on “Killing Jesus.”  That will be his next book. O’Reilly has topped bestseller lists with two prior histories, “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot,” and “Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever.” Because his television talk show keeps him busy, O’Reilly has a coauthor, Martin Dugard, who will continue to work with him on “Killing Jesus.”


Here ya go- the pair of ya-


An Observation on Learning

There are actually Christians who put a premium on ignorance- but only when it comes to study of the Bible- not for any other field of inquiry.   I guess they’ve never read ‘Study to show yourself an approved workman…’

The Revised English Bible

Logos is about to release its Revised English Bible module to which I say- good!  The REB is the best English translation of the Bible so far.  It’s brilliantly done and exceptionally crisp.  When asked which translation (in English) I recommend, I always say the REB first.  It’s just spectacular.  I absolutely love it.

If you don’t read Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek and you depend on translators for your knowledge of Scripture, you can’t do better (in English.  The best German translation is the Zurich Bible).

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

I don’t follow Warren on the twitter for obvious reasons (but mostly because I like myself) – but some folk I follow do. And every now and then one of them posts a Warrenism that proves even more Warren-esque than his usual purpose driven Dreck. Like this one…


A tweet explaining the Trinity which doesn’t at all… As if a tweet could.  This, however, exemplifies the whole of Warren’s pseudo-theology: promising much, delivering nothing, like a cloud without rain or a well without water.

Our Infuriatingly Inept Congress

NPR reports

Unless Congress acts, across-the-board spending cuts scheduled to take effect March 1 will be felt throughout the government. Some of the most visible effects will be noticed by air travelers.

Officials predict that cutbacks at the Federal Aviation Administration could lead to takeoff delays and fewer flights overall.

The FAA’s work is done largely out of public view, in airport control towers and regional radar centers, in hangars and workshops. But if the spending cuts, known in Washington-speak as sequestration, start taking effect on schedule, the importance of that backstage work will move front and center.

Danny Werfel of the Office of Management and Budget said at a Senate hearing last week that the sequester will take a toll at the FAA.

“FAA is going to face a cut of roughly $600 million under sequester,” Werfel said. “A vast majority of their 47,000 employees will be furloughed for one day per pay period for the rest of the year, and, as importantly, this is going to reduce air traffic levels across the country, causing delays and disruptions for all travelers.”

And much more to infuriate.  In short, Congress doesn’t care how much your life is thrown into turmoil or how many people lose their jobs.  THEY. DON’T. CARE.  So why in the name of heaven do you vote for them over and over again?  Who are the real fools?  Self serving Congressmen and women or the people who enable them?

You Can’t Turn Back Time Or Erase What Has Been…



Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh


Go ahead, lament the ignorance and profoundly horrifying spelling perpetrated by a College student…

A Video Introduction to the ‘Herod the Great’ Exhibition in Jerusalem

Via Lawrence Schiffman on the twitter.

Oh Vatican… You Can Dissapoint

559986_499037260164253_761875070_nvia– with a tip o’ the hat to Tom Verenna on FB

An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress

Dear Members of the House and Senate,

If Congress has any honor at all, when sequestration hits it will cut its own pay first.

You lot are a disgrace to the American people.

Disdainfully, scornfully, and contemptuously,


Wow, Racist Much, Dad?

A Michigan hospital is under fire after a lawsuit claims it fulfilled a father’s request to have no black nurses look after his baby in the neonatal intensive care unit last fall. A black nurse sued Hurley Medical Center for discrimination and violation of the state civil rights act after the nurse manager reassigned her because of the man’s request for no black nurses, according to the complaint.
Full story –> http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/02/20/no-black-nurses-request-draws-lawsuit/


Scottish Journal of Theology

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