Luther’s Final Words…

Sometimes people say- erroneously- that the last words Luther uttered were ‘we are beggars, that is true‘.  But that isn’t true.  Luther didn’t speak English.  Luther actually said ‘wir sind bettler, das ist wahr…’  *gurgle, gasp, expire*, because Luther spoke German.  And Latin.

A New Blog (To Me) Worth Following

By Preston Sprinkle who describes himself thusly (in part)

I’ve written a few things on Paul, Early Judaism, and Hell.

I don’t know why but the combination of Paul, early Judaism, and Hell made me chuckle.  But then I do have an odd sense of humor… so there’s that.  Anywho- Preston has penned a right interesting piece on House Churches worth looking at.

You’re Not Supposed to Speak Ill of the Dead, But Luther Could Be a Real Jerk

“Zwingli drew his sword. Therefore he has received the reward that Christ spoke of, ‘All who take the sword will perish by the sword’ [Matt. 26:52]. If God has saved him, he has done so above and beyond the rule.” – Martin Luther

zwingli_lutherWell, Martin, first of all, in spite of the fact that you and your uninformed followers have repeated your false account that Zwingli perished with sword drawn that simply wasn’t the case at all.  He was serving as a Chaplain to the troops at Kappel-am-Albis and not, I repeat NOT a combatant.  He didn’t once ‘draw his sword’.  And second, Zwingli, like the rest of us, and even like you, was saved by grace through faith- without your approval.  Martin, you could be a real jerk- and in regard to Zwingli and the lies you told concerning both his theology and his death, you really were.

And that’s why you’re consigned to being represented as lesser than he.

Luther: On Blatant Sin

Spiritual authorities should see to it that adultery, unchastity, usury, gluttony, worldly show, excessive adornment, and other such blatant sin and shame are most severely punished and rectified. — Martin Luther

Luther’s ‘spiritual authorities’ would be occupied 24/7 these days.  And there would have to be millions of them for each city.

Luther’s Many Faces

It’s The Date the Luther Died…

Luther’s death mask

Martin Luther died on the 18th of February, 1546.  So, since it’s the anniversary of that event, a number of posts today will be in remembrance of Luther.  Snippets from his voluminous works, portraits, etc.

In spite of his absolutely pagan views on the Lord’s Supper, Luther’s influence and importance are undeniable.  We’re still reading him 500 years after he died!  There are very few books around these days that will still be read 500 years from now.  And that means something.

The Copenhagen Conference

This will be something to mark on your calendar:

Changing Perspectives in Old Testament Studies.  Past, Present, and Future 

International Conference at the University of Copenhagen, October 9-12, 2013

More anon as details are released.  For now, the mere thought of it spends chills down one’s spine.