The Rise and Fall of Archaeology in the Service of Ideology in Israel

It’s a new essay in Bible and Interpretation worth reading by Rami Arav. He concludes with this amazing claim-

A prominent Tel Aviv University archaeologist, Z. Herzog, complained a few years ago in an article in the prestigious Israeli paper Haaretz that despite the fact that archaeology has totally changed our current understanding of the Bible, nobody pays attention. The public is apathetic and indifferent. The glorious heyday of iconic archaeology has gone forever.

The situation in America is totally different. Archaeology- especially of Israel- is the golden child and looks like it will continue to be that for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Archaeology in the Service of Ideology in Israel

  1. It’s great that Archaeology of Israel is the golden child. It is a fascinating subject, as is the Bible in general. What is in the decline is the anti-Zionist malarkey that is presented as scholarship by left wing academics.


    • left wing scholars aren’t anti-zionist. they’re either politically neutral, or, more, likely, pro-palestinian. now i think it noteworthy that you equate being pro-palestinian, that is, for the human rights and dignity of people not jewish, as anti-zionist. that’s the hallmark of a christian zionist who thinks only israel and israelis matter. that view is neither christian nor biblical. all one need do is read jn 3:16 and one realizes, unless one is absolutely inept at understanding anything, that God loves everyone. not just jews.


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