One comment on “Eric Meyers on Scholars and the Media

  1. An essential read for all of those out there appearing on TV, doing those seminars, boat trips etc. we alone are responsible for the current crisis in the profession. What Eric has to say has been the writing on the wall for over 30 years, few are reading and as for the NYTimes this is the level of coverage we should all demand. When you see some of this trash, this press conference archaeology, aka archaeology for losers, take a look at the NYT and see if they are covering it, I guarantee they are not as they are the last word in how journalism should be. Only when we start boycotting which many of us here in Israel have done to both popular magazines and film makers, will there be any change. The other thing I wish to say here since I have the floor is :-) you have to stop inviting this small group of biblical scholars ‘posing as archaeologists’ to conferences, seminars as they use this to con the public that what they have to say is worth listening to, when its useless.

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