John Collins on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ – Now Online (With Audio Coming This Evening)

Give it a listen soon as you can! In the meanwhile, a read.

On being asked for Aramaic translations by Mel Gibsonfor his film The Passion of the Christ

“Just after I moved to Yale, I went into my office one day and picked up the phone, and the voice — that was a recorded message — [said], ‘Mr. Collins, this is Mel Gibson. I’m looking for somebody to translate some material into Aramaic. You were recommended to me by Father Fitzmeyer.’ I actually asked to see a copy of the manuscript, and he sent it to me, and I read it until I encountered a talking snake, and at that point, I decided I do not want to be associated with this. But I think the actual Aramaic that was produced was quite good. … That was the least of the problems of the movie.”

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