Coming This Fall: A Social History of Hebrew

A Social History of Hebrew: its Origins Through the Rabbinic Period by William Schniedewind

1. Language, Land, and People: Toward the History of Classical Hebrew
2. The Origins of Hebrew: In Search of the Holy Tongue
3. Early Hebrew Writing
4. Linguistic Nationalism and the Emergence of Hebrew
5. The Democratization of Hebrew
6. Hebrew in Exile
7. Hebrew under Imperialism
8. Hebrew in the Hellenistic World
9. The End and the Beginning of Hebrew
10. Epilogue

Publication Date: Nov 2013

Should be lots of fun.


One thought on “Coming This Fall: A Social History of Hebrew

  1. Bill Schniedewind 7 Apr 2013 at 1:20 am

    Thanks for the publicity! Hoping it will be out by the end of summer.


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