More Stupid Atheist Tricks: The ‘Atheist’ Church in London

If you don’t believe atheism is a religion, here’s your proof.  Atheists need to stop pretending their views aren’t religious in nature.  Face the facts, atheist folk: you’ve replaced belief in God with belief in humanity.  You worship the creature instead of the creator.

Not many sermons include the message that we are all going to die and there is no afterlife.  But the Sunday Assembly is no ordinary church service.  Launched last month, as a gathering for non-believers, it is, in the words of master of ceremonies Sanderson Jones, “part foot-stomping show, part atheist church, all celebration of life”.  A congregation of more than 300 crowded into the shell of a deconsecrated church to join the celebration on Sunday morning.  Instead of hymns, the non-faithful get to their feet to sing along to Stevie Wonder and Queen songs.

They don’t even have the sense to sing decent music.  Buffoonery.  There’s absolutely nothing sillier in all the universe than a religion (atheism) doing it’s best to look religious (this ‘service’) while screaming at the top of its lungs at every opportunity that it isn’t a religion at all.  Buffoonery.

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2 thoughts on “More Stupid Atheist Tricks: The ‘Atheist’ Church in London

  1. Daniel Ortiz 6 Feb 2013 at 1:02 pm

    This is proof that the neo-atheism is on the decline. Five years ago this sort of thing would have been blasted by good ol’ Hitch…. I wonder what he would say about it if he was alive?
    “you’ve replaced belief in God with belief in humanity” I would say replaced with an imaginary humanity. The one devoid of history, philosophy and experience.


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