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A Bit of Lovely Music

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Tyranny is an Ugly Thing: The Case of the Oregon Baker

This is illustrative of the fact that America is now a land where personal freedom is trumped by the will of the minority and religious practice is impermissible unless it acquiesces to the will of another.

An Oregon man may have broken the law and is facing a state investigation after refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding, KATU reports.

KGW has details on the story:

It started on Jan. 17 when a mother and daughter showed up at Sweet Cakes by Melissa looking for the perfect wedding cake.

“My first question is what’s the wedding date,” said owner Aaron Klein.  “My next question is bride and groom’s name … the girl giggled a little bit and said it’s two brides.”

Klein apologized to the women and told them he and his wife do not make cakes for same-sex marriages.  Klein said the women were disgusted and walked out.

“I believe that marriage is a religious institution ordained by God,” said Klein.  “A man should leave his mother and father and cling to his wife … that to me is the beginning of marriage.”


“I’d rather have my kids see their dad stand up for what he believes in then to see him bow down because one person complained.”

One of the women filed a complaint on January 28– also saying Klein referred to them as “abominations unto the Lord”– and now the Oregon Attorney General’s civil enforcement officers are investigating the claim.

But Klein says he never used harsh language and has no problem with homosexuals; he just doesn’t want to be a part of their marriage.

“I honestly did not mean to hurt anybody, didn’t mean to make anybody upset, [it’s] just something I believe in very strongly,” he told KATU.

When asked whether he’d be willing to lose his business over the matter, Klein said: “If I have to be to, I guess, be penalized for my beliefs, then I guess, well, that’ll be what it is.”

The case now presents a unique legal dilemma, according to reports, since Oregon law forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the U.S. Constitution protects Klein’s freedom of religion.

I find the whole thing just simply reprehensible.  The fact that now businesses are forced, by law, to act against conscience is despicable.  Your right to marry a person of the same sex does not trump the rights of all others as you pursue your goal.  Your tyranny will not be accepted.

The Little Boy Held Hostage in Alabama is Safe

Thank heaven.  CNN reports-

A 5-year-old boy held hostage nearly a week is safe and the Alabama man who held him hostage is dead, a law enforcement source told CNN.

I’m glad the boy is safe.

And On and On It Goes: Our Cancerous Love of Guns

This is what is to be expected in a society wherein anyone who wants a gun, can get a gun:

A Florida man armed with an weapon that had once been banned under federal law forced his wife to watch as he strangled one of his sons and then shot a second before turning a gun on himself.

Victoria Flores Zavala told Boynton Beach police that 45-year-old Isidro Zavala went to her home on Saturday with a plan to kill her and their two boys because she had filed for divorce last year, according to WTVJ. But Isidro Zavala decide to spare his wife at the last minute so she could suffer while watching him murder 12-year-old Eduardo Zavala and 11-year-old Mario Zavala.

“What Mrs. Zavala had to go through — watch her children killed before her — is probably the most horrific thing you could ever imagine, at least for me,” Boynton Beach Police Chief G. Matthew Immler explained at a press conference.

“She tried fighting him off and begged him to kill her and not the children,” he explained. “He told her she was going to stay alive and suffer the loss of them.”

It’s not surprising that these things happen anymore.  Not surprising at all.  Our cancerous love of guns, as a nation, is killing us from the inside.  We kill more of our own than the Taliban or Al Qaeda could ever hope to kill.  So just go ahead and close your eyes and pretend there isn’t a problem or that it will all be ok if everyone just arms themselves.  Lie to yourself.  It’s ok.  Everyone is doing it.

The GOP: An Observation

Alan Simpson - Caricature

Alan Simpson – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

We are watching, these days, the GOP eat itself.  If ever there were an illustration of Jesus’s ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’ it is in the behavior of the Republican Party.  Lincoln would be totally ashamed.  Justifiably.  The GOP is acting disgracefully and it deserves to lose every election for the coming decades.

But the Dems shouldn’t rejoice.  They are the only other option in our corrupt two party system and so are only going to find themselves winning because people hate them less, not because they are loved or have a better plan.

It’s a tragedy that a country like ours has been reduced to sending to office the vilest and most self serving of the population rather than the cream of the crop.  But, as they say, a people get the politicians they deserve.  And given America’s present lack of morality and its tendency to exalt perversity to the level of normalcy, it’s unsurprising that we find ourselves saddled with the worst in our politicians, and our politics.

Scandal on the Pitch

This is exceedingly disturbing.

Criminal organizations have infiltrated the highest levels of European and international soccer, threatening the very integrity of the sport, global law enforcement officials said on Monday as they unveiled the results of a 19-month investigation that indicated that hundreds of people had been involved in match-fixing.


At least 425 people from more than 15 countries — including club and match officials, and current and former players — are suspected of conspiring in 680 matches on behalf of Asian criminal syndicates that made millions of dollars in profits by betting on the results, they said.

Disgusting.  Just absolutely disgusting.  How are we to watch any game now without wondering what criminal has paid what players to act immorally?  Ugh.  They’ve ruined the beautiful game.  Greedy reprobates.  Via Irene Hahn on FB.

Kugel on Revelation

English: Bar - Ilan University עברית: אוניברסי...

Larry Schiffman mentioned this post on the twitter:

It begins

Last week, I attended a wonderful symposium in Yarnton Manor, Oxford on“Orthodox Judaism and Theology in the 21st Century”. I thank Miri Freud B Kandel (Oxford) and Adam Ferziger (Bar Ilan University) for all their wonderful work organizing the delightful conference which included an intimate Shabbat for the participants. I will have several blog posts about the conference. The session in which I spoke “Orthodox Judaism and the Bible” consisted of Joshua Berman “Jeremy Bentham and the Modern Perception of Contradiction in Biblical Law,” Alan Brill, Orthodoxies confront Biblical Criticism: Must Orthodox be Orthodox?, Tamar Ross, Orthodoxy and the Challenge of Biblical Criticism, and James Kugel was the respondent to our papers. The core of Berman’s paper was already posted on this blog, and I will post mine in upcoming weeks, the core conclusion of which is that: Yes, one must be Orthodox and that Louis Jacobs was Reform in his theology by the 1970’s.

Then commences the discussion with Kugel which makes up the bulk of the post.  Enjoy.

It Was, In Truth, The Worst Commercial Ever

barfBut- you have to give it to the ad crew that came up with it- it has people talking about Go Daddy (for my part in a profoundly negative way).  You know what I’m talking about: the awful ‘kiss’ between the supermodel and the chubby nerd.  It was just gross.

Former GOP National Committee Chairman Michael Steele wrote, That  commercial was VERY DISTURBING.  Rachel Sklar tweeted, “If GoDaddy’s idea of a successful commercial is making me hate them even more, then they had a successful commercial.”  Later, during the power outage that struck the Superdome, James Poniewozik joked, “Guys, I don’t want to panic anyone, but if the blackout lasts long enough, eventually they have to rerun that GoDaddy commercial.”

I’m with Rachel.  I hate Go Daddy even more now than I did before.

Quote of the Day

mel“Trouble and perplexity drive us to prayer, and prayer driveth away trouble and perplexity” – Philip Melanchthon

Mary Magdalene Assisted by Zwingli-Cat

Because, what the heck, why is the hussy lounging around naked?  Thankfully, our dear Zwingli cat assists her in modesty-

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Jesus and Football

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