America’s Culture of Promiscuity is Inexorably Connected to its Culture of Death

In a quite intelligent essay titled ‘Why my support for abortion was based on love… and lies’, Jennifer Fulwiler writes-

I came to see that our culture’s widespread use and acceptance of contraception had led to this mentality toward sex being the default position. As a society, we’d come to take it for granted that we’re entitled to the pleasurable and bonding aspects of sex — even when we’re in a state of being vehemently opposed to any new life it might produce. The option of abstaining from the act that creates babies when we feel like we’d be unable to care for a baby had been removed from the cultural lexicon. Even if it would be a huge crisis to get pregnant, you have a right to have sex anyway, the cultural wisdom whispered.

Indeed.  The fact is, America’s culture of promiscuity is inexorably connected to its culture of death; for when one has no respect for the consequences of one’s actions, one feels free to remove any encumbrance to that imagined freedom- even if that encumbrance is a nascent human being.

Thanks to James Spinti for pointing the essay out on FB.

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