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America’s Culture of Promiscuity is Inexorably Connected to its Culture of Death

In a quite intelligent essay titled ‘Why my support for abortion was based on love… and lies’, Jennifer Fulwiler writes- I came to see that our culture’s widespread use and acceptance of contraception had led to this mentality toward sex … Continue reading

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Golb is Guilty and His Conviction Stands

As decided today. We have considered and rejected defendant’s remaining arguments concerning the court’s charge. We similarly reject his claims that the statutes under which he was convicted were unconstitutionally vague or overbroad. None of these statutes was vague or … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post Doesn’t Care About Teens Who Die- Unless They’re Gay

Have you ever noticed how the Huffington Post never mentions the tragic death of a teen unless that teen is gay?  Have you ever noticed how the editors of the HuffPo are interested only in capitalizing on the tragedies which … Continue reading

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The Pseudo-Singer’s Pseudo-Popularity

Trumped up stats.  Figures. Lady Gaga has had 156m views struck off her official YouTube account today just one month after the online video provider reduced the play counts of many major label acts by 2 billion views….  The move came … Continue reading

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Aren is Dissatisfied (or Disgruntled)

Aren’s reaction to Burleigh’s aforementioned essay is soundly negative.  It seems to me on the basis of her using the term ‘archaeologist’ of Jacobovici and Zias. He’s entitled to his reaction and I do understand it.  Truly.  But it raises … Continue reading

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The Battle In the Courts: Zias v. Jacobovici

Nina Burleigh, on the suit of Joe Zias by Simcha Jacobovici writes (in Time), among many other insightful things The contentiousness between Zias and Jacobovici came to a head in 2011. That year, National Geographic pulled out of a Jacobovici … Continue reading

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Frank Crüsemann on the Heidelberg Catechism

In der Zeitschrift Evangelische Theologie, Heft 6/2012, ist ein Beitrag von Frank Crüsemann abgedruckt, der den Bibelgebrauch des Heidelberger Katechismus untersucht von den “zentralen Erkenntnissen biblischer Theologie her, wie sie mit der theologischen Neubewertung des Alten Testaments und des Verhältnisses … Continue reading

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More Taliban-esque Behavior From the Far Right of Judaism

Ophir Ben-Shetreet, a 17-year-old with a voice as outstanding as Sonenclar’s, is a leading competitor on Israel’s “The Voice.” One would think that she would be rewarded for her confidence, effort and talent. Sadly, that is not the case. Ben-Shetreet … Continue reading

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Isn’t the Church Obliged to Give Money to Anyone Who Asks?

Sometimes folk have the notion that the Church is a dispenser of welfare to the wider society and that the sole function of the Church is to collect material goods from its members and give them to whomsoever wishes them. … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: The First Zurich Disputation

The opening statement by the representative of the government of Zurich reads “Very learned, venerable, noble, steadfast, honourable, wise, ecclesiastical lords and friends: In my lords’ city of Zurich and in its territories there has risen for some time discord … Continue reading

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The Truth About Beer

From ‘Weird History’- In 1256: Aldobrandino wrote  “Beer promotes urine, gives bad breath, hurts the teeth, fills the brain with bad fumes and turns the flesh white.” Take note.  Luther’s love of beer explains his kidney problems (which ended up … Continue reading

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