WorldNetDaily- The ‘Christian’ Equivalent of the National Enquirer- But With Less Truth in their Stories

Have you ever had to deal with a housefly? Maybe one even landed on you once?

Well, according to WorldNetDaily, you might just be a minion of Satan, if not Satan himself.

WND super-reporter Aaron Klein scoured the web to find people who said that the fact a fly landed on Obama’s face at a press conference means he could be “possessed by a demonic entity.” WND was so proud of Klein’s reporting that they asked members in an email, “Is Obama biblical ‘Lord of the Flies’?” in an attempt to liken Obama to Beelzebub, or Satan.

There’s something really seriously wrong with the mental processes of the people who believe such things.  Something seriously, radically, incredibly wrong.  WorldNetDaily really is the ‘Christian’ equivalent of the National Enquirer– except with worse sources and writers and less truth.  Via Richard Bartholomew on the twitter.


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  1. How can anyone be so blinded as to buy into this?

    A fly?

    Who hasn’t had a fly land on them?

    And if Satan is this clever, wouldn’t he avoid giving his fly-landing giveaway sign in front of the cameras?


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