Keith Whitelam’s “Rhythms of Time: Reconnecting Palestine’s Past” Reviewed

timeMy review of Whitelam’s soon to appear book is uploaded (and downloadable) here.  I’ve mentioned it before and now having had the chance to work through it fairly carefully I can sincerely affirm that it is excellent.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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7 Responses to Keith Whitelam’s “Rhythms of Time: Reconnecting Palestine’s Past” Reviewed

  1. Thomas L. Thompson says:

    Dear Jim,
    Many thanks for this commentary. I look forward to reading Keith’s book and encourage a discussion of its details and efforts. Can the book be taken up on the Biblical Studies List? When I eventually receive my copy, I would be willing to give a chapter by chapter summarizing commentary and evaluation.

    Thomas L. Thompson
    Professor emeritus, University of Copenhagen


  2. CS says:

    Question: will it appear in print or only as e-book?


  3. CS says:



  4. Bruce Campbell says:

    does ebook mean available via Kindle?


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