People Who Worship Regularly See Abortion as a Critical Issue

This is unsurprising– as it simply shows that people who are engaged in worship weekly tend to value human life in its earliest forms more than people who don’t.  Or to say it differently, those who value God, value life; and those who devalue life, have little use for God.


One thought on “People Who Worship Regularly See Abortion as a Critical Issue

  1. Deane 24 Jan 2013 at 5:12 pm

    I agree with the worshippers – prevalent abortion undermines respect for human life. I would not want to convince any woman not to abort however, unless society was such that the concerns which lead to the decision to abort were no longer present. That is, I think that any expression for a concern for quality of life which opposes abortion must also strongly advocate for communitarian, socialist support of young people and their parents, within a structure that is radically different from that prevailing today. I mean this comments generally, and am not saying that you don’t show advocate both to some degree, Jim. Unfortunately, many people who oppose a woman’s decision to abort either don’t address the adverse life conditions (exacerbated under neo-liberalism) which prompt such decisions to be made. But a respect for life must contemplate both existence and quality of life.


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