The Apocalypse of Elijah translatified.

Alin Suciu

The document below is available in PDF format HERE.

Twenty-two unpaginated folios of an Akhmimic text with fragments of a 23rd contain two separate texts: the first an anonymous apocalypse (pp.1-18), the second the Apocalypse of Elijah (pp.19-44), which, according to Steindorff, is a separate text that starts on a new page. In addition there are seven folios of a Sahidic text, containing fragments of an apocalypse of Sophonias and a parallel text of Elijah. All of these folios were part of a relatively small book in the collection of the library of the White Monastery at Sohag in Upper Egypt on the other side of the Nile from Akhmim, much of which has found its way piecemeal into European collections. The title ‘Apocalypse of Elijah’ can be supplied from another fragment in the Berlin Museum.

Pages from steindorff_apokalypse_des_elias

Almost twenty years after Steindorff’s work had appeared, E.A. Wallis Budge published…

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